Rental Equipment All-Type Vacuum and Janitorial Supply:

Automatic Scrubbers

  • Walk behind 17'',20'',32" Rider Scrubber 24'' & 38'' *Pick-Up & Delivery Set-Up Available


  • Low Speed (side by side) (175rpm Floor Buffer)


  • Electric Cord Burnisher (1500-2000 Burnisher High Speed) Propane Burnishers 21'' & 27''


  • 20gal Walk-Behind Extractor 7gal Extractor 3gal Extractor


  • Battery Walk Behind Sweepers

Carpet Dryer Fan

  • Hydro Dry Fan

Pressure Washer

  • Hot Water 1000 - 2500 PSI Cold Water 100 - 3000 PSI

Wet Dry Vacuums

  • 18 gal Any Commercial Vacuum available

Host Machines

  • Large/Commercial Small/Residential

Rental Information

All equipment is available for daily, weekend, and monthly rentals. All rentals require a deposit and credit card. Units subject to availability. *Discounts do not apply to consecutive day rentals.

Please contact our Service Department via e-mail at or call (314) 427-0634 for pricing or any other further questions.



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